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Accessories add that final home decorating touch that turns ordinary room decor into extraordinary room decor.
Accessories turn a house into a home. Accessories make a room yours.

Our home accessories and decor include, mirrors, trinkets, vases, paper towel holders, tissue holders, TP holders, towel bars, metal, wood and resin.

Some of our favorite home decorating ideas are welcome signs, canvas wall hangings, scented pine candles,  birch and bark look candles, candelabras, votive holders.

Coasters, wine bottle holders and so much more!

If you're not sure how or what to accessorize your home with ask us about our decorating ideas!

 Don't forget to check out our lighting and taxidermy pages too!

Snowshoes , carved trees and a birch canoe make a fantastic display!

Hand painted 24" circular rip saw from saw mill
with a gorgeous mountain scene on it, pine trees, cabin, lake, this painting has it all.


Stringer of three sassafras fish



Birch & twig crosses will go nicely in most any room and would be a cute baby shower gift


Kiva blanket or quilt ladder.