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Designing Rustic

           The adventure                    begins here!
Lodge Decor isn't just for cabins anymore!

Decorating the rustic way is fun and exciting and you are really only limited by your imagination. Don't have a creative side? We'll help you through the
adventure of designing that special retreat whether it's a single room or an entire home or weekend getaway.

You can go rustic by simply adding some antler lighting either a lamp or chandelier can go a long way in changing the look and feel of a room.

When you are dealing with true rustic furniture you will find that because each tree or antler is  unique to that animal or specific tree they really do have their own "fingerprint". You will never find two identical post on a bed nor any two tables that are exactly the same and antlers will vary from piece to piece and within each individual piece. So while styles may be the same each piece is as individual as you and me.

Each taxidermy mount has it's own personality and more often than not customers bring them home and name them!

Rustic decorating is no more expensive than traditional decorating. Don't be fooled by large traditional furniture stores and their so called sales. We offer such great pricing that our regular price is what other stores have for a sale price.

When you decorate with rustic woods and real logs there are some things you should keep in mind:

All logs are not created equal. Different woods each carry their own characteristics and the more character a wood has the more unique it is.  Items made from rocky mountain aspen are going to have more worm markings, gnarls and color
than most any other wood.

When bed shopping there are fanned posts and straight post in the head and foot boards. Fanned middles require more workmanship because of the angle and will tend to cost you a little extra.

A cheaper price often means smaller logs and that's fin
e if that's what you want. Be sure to check out the diameter of the log. A cedar bed may be less money because the logs may only 4" or less in diameter as opposed to a 6" or even 8" diameter log on a slightly more expensive bed. Make sure you are comparing log size to log size and wood for wood when comparison shopping.

Also we have found some companies actually mill straight boards and then glue two pieces together to get a log look (yep it's true). Look at the end of the "log" to check for seams.