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Novelty Squirrels and Chipmunks
(Stock always varies)
We always have a great selection of taxidermy to choose from so you can add the perfect accent to your decor.
(11 point buck, black bear, tiger muskie)
One of a kind beautiful handcrafted 50, yes 50 point buck!
You buy him you can make up an hunting story you want.
This mount would be a great novelty in a restaurant, lodge or hotel.

Beautiful front 1/2 mount black bear on a reproduction limb accented with leaves


Gorgeous gray fox


(Special order)

Beautiful one of a kind handcrafted 50 point whitetail buck with 45" spread. You make up the story to go along with him


"John Wayne Squirrel"

From his black stetson hat to his drawn six shooter this guy is ready for action!


This is a stunning half mount bobcat


Mountain Goat


Chocolate phase black bear shoulder mount


Half mount coyote stepping out of "cave"


Peek a boo coyote


35 point Alaskan Barron Ground caribou


Peek a boo raccoon


Full size raccoon on driftwood you can mount him on a wall or sit him on a table/shelf


Full mount Black bear, beautiful coat and nice face. He is about 4-1/2' long by 3-1/2' high by about 1-3/4' deep. Awesome addition to most any room.
Ptarmigan sitting on driftwood with evergreen accents mounted on an oak plague


50" Tiger Muskie on driftwood


2 racoons in a an approximately 2 foot birch canoe



Antique moose rack on engraved plaque with a bear scene on the left and a moose scene on the right


Wall mount perch on driftwood


"Catch of the day"

Grey Squirrel with his BIG crappie catch!


Jumbo Trophy Walleye

Over 13 pounds and over 31" inches long


We also have bear, buffalo and elk rugs


Six foot Black Bear Rug, open mouth with claws



Four foot Black Bear Rug with claws
(no felt)



Beaver pelt stretched on  twig with leather


Pine squirrel  paddling in birch canoe



9 point bull elk, nice mount
for those smaller areas



10 point bull elk antlers on oak slab


Impressive set of 6 x 6 Wyoming European
mount bull elk antlers



Awesome full shoulder Barron Ground Caribou mount


This is one "cool" mule deer mount. His 10 point rack carries a 28" spread.The "snow" on his head and shoulders looks just like you would see in the woods.


9 point with a sticker Whitetail deer shoulder mount


Beautiful 11 point buck, dark antlers and nice mass


36" wide rack on this moose

6 x6 Red Stag

You need to see this handcrafted monster 14 point whitetail buck to believe him!
One of a kind.