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Western Teak Furniture
These collections of rugged furniture are made from reclaimed teak and rosewood antique farm implements, yokes, plows, sugar cane grinders, wagon wheels and fence posts  as well as knurled teak wood sections and recovered teak root stumps. Using these wonderful antiques and root stumps and pieces each item is designed and made for today’s lifestyle. The rich colors and grain unite to give every table and chair its own unique character.

These groupings lend themselves to creating an old west feeling in any room regardless of your outside surroundings .
Home furnishings that are unique to say the least!

This over sized bench is made from a reclaimed ox cart wagon wheel, it is shown with reclaimed barn board end tables with maple inlays, a wagon wheel hub lamp which is sitting on reclaimed teak and the bent pieces are portions of wagon wheels. The table in the middle is reclaimed teak as well with drawers on two sides. The real moose antler lamp has a rawhide shade and the oak hub lamp has an oil laced shade on it. The upholstered chair is trimmed in half log aspen from the rocky mountains of Colorado. The coat tree is mad of reproduction skis.

 Whether it's for you or a guest room this wagon wheel bed frame is a great addition to your home whether your home is rustic, lodge or traditional.

What a great bed for your little cowboy or cowgirl!

There are several different styles of teak nightstands to chose from and these teak trunks will store so many things.

The Cabazon bed is made from fence posts, the diamond back is teak pieced together to make that awesome diamond design. The twin beds have head and foot boards that are half wagon wheels. So whether you want a king, queen or twin bed there is a design just for you!


Full cart wagon wheel bench with ox yoke trim

This is a full cart wagon wheel bench and large coffee table

Many unique styles of teak benches to choose from! Diamond back benches, benches with drawers to store mittens etc.,  ox yoke trim and more.
There is something for every style and budget.

Teak cart wagon half wheels, ox yoke fence posts, cart boards accent benches with backs or without backs.

You want unique, here it is!
Full teak cart wagon wheels, half wagon wheels, ox yokes and wagon wheel hubs and wagon wheel hubs make for some exceptional one of a kind benches.

Here are some teak benches while unique are a "little" more traditional looking.
No matter your choice your bench is one of a kind.

Look at this rocker!
Quarter teak cart wagon wheels are used for arms
and the slat back has cowhide for comfort and style.

Teak chairs and rockers with leather and cowhide added to enhance the beauty of the teak.

These teak chairs are quirky and fun and they use every part of the wagon imaginable.

From  more common styling to the unconventional you have it with chairs and loungers.

Full teak cart wagon wheel with wood slats filling in between the spokes to create a wonderful pub table. The frame is the outside of a wagon wheel and the underside of the table has full size wagon wheel hubs!

Ox yoke and wagon wheel hub accents highlight the beauty of these reclaimed teak bars. You can use one of these in your kitchen for a truly exceptional kitchen island.

You don't need to have an imagination, the designers have already created unconventional and distinctive styles for you.

Unconventional not your style? That's okay, there are more traditional looks to be had.